I'm Donna, founder of the UK's first non-fiction, book subscription box for women, WILDWOMAN. The ultimate self care package brought to your doorstep every single month.


Well, as someone who has suffered with my own mental health challenges including common anxiety disorder and a sustained period of grief, I found books to be the cure for me. 

Books have helped me out of some of the most difficult and darkest times of my life. I found it difficult to talk about my feelings. But sometimes it was like the words on the pages were talking to me and understood me more than I understood myself. The words became my guide. My healing. 

Without the words on these pages to inspire and empower me I truly believe my own journey could have been very different. 

My vision for WILDWOMAN began in those days of darkness...

And now I am proud and excited to introduce to you these little monthly packages of self care and self love.

We’re all constantly rushing around and scrolling relentlessly. We've all got never ending to-do lists and sometimes it feels impossible to get everything done. 

Very quickly we push our own self care to the bottom of the list. We crave just 5 minutes peace. 

And you know what, sometimes it feels like life is passing us by without us even coming up for air, doesn't it?

But...what if we could be a little more kind to ourselves. Put ourselves first. 

Slow down. 

When we learn to slow down, life slows down. 

We live in the moment. 

We take better care of ourselves. 

We start to practice self love. 

We connect with others and ourselves on a much deeper level. 

I want to help you achieve that. 

WILDWOMAN is for every woman who craves that connection with others, but most importantly with themselves.

It’s a positive, self-care package every month that I hope will empower and inspire you.

Here's to becoming WILDWOMEN together...