Want to know when you can expect delivery? How your box will be delivered? International Shipping? We answer your questions here.

What's inside my box?

It's a surprise! Each box is carefully curated depending on the book of the month. Each box is designed to make you feel good and encourages you to spend some time reconnecting with yourself. We're HUGE believers in taking a break and stepping back in our busy lives and we hope that WILDWOMAN will help you do that.

What's the cut off to sign up?

When you sign up for a monthly WILDWOMAN subscription you'll be charged straight away, you'll then be billed regularly on the 1st of each month. Your box will be delivered on or around the 15th of the month or within 3-5 working days if you sign up after the 15th. If you signed up between the 22nd-31st of the month you won't receive a box until the following month, but you'll only be charged once.

Confused? Take a look at the examples below:

Order your box on the 10th August - you'll be charged straight away.

Your August box will be delivered on or around the 15th August.

You'll be billed again on the 1st September and so on...


Order your box on the 27th August - you'll be charged straight away.

Your first box you receive will be the September subscription box on or around the 15th September.

You'll be billed again on the 1st October and so on...

Still confused? Get in touch with us and we will clear things up for you ❤️

How will my box be delivered?

Your box will arrive via secure courier. This is so that we can track it's journey to you and ensure it arrives at your door safely and securely. It will also be packaged in a plain box for security, your beautiful WILDWOMAN box will be inside waiting for you.

I live outside the UK, do you ship worldwide?

Of course. Take a look at the options on checkout - we want to spread the WILDWOMAN message far and wide!

Is WILDWOMAN packaging ecofriendly?

It's incredibly important to us that our packaging is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Our amazing packaging company use totally recyclable materials - no plastic!

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope that you don't want to cancel your subscription however we appreciate that circumstances can change. Please get in touch with us if you would like to cancel.

What is the bookclub?

WILDWOMAN is so much more than just a self care box. It's is an online bookclub for women too, with physical meetups already happening across the South of England and London. It aims to connect likeminded women together to encourage, support, inspire and connect on deep levels.

How can I join the bookclub?

You can get involved with the bookclub by requesting to join our Facebook Group here.

Can I set up my own WILDWOMAN bookclub group?

YES! We would love that! Get in touch with us and we'll help you set things up.