1 in 6 people experience some form of mental health challenge from everyday pressures to ongoing anxiety and depression.

We can often be good at looking after our physical wellbeing. But are we looking after our minds? Are we looking after our spirits?

WILDWOMAN will empower and inspire you to reconnect to your mind, body and spirit. Encouraging you to take time to pause, reflect and clear your mind. 

WILDWOMAN's mission is to bring women together through a community, powered by each carefully curated WILDWOMAN self care monthly box subscription. You are a WILDWOMAN. We are WILDWOMEN.

Do You...

...live a fast-paced hectic lifestyle? 

...want  a better work-life balance?

...aspire to achieve more at work and at home?

...want to make a change to your life and live the life you truly desire and deserve?

How can WILDWOMAN do this for you?

WILDWOMAN invites you to slow down every month

WILDWOMAN is your monthly reminder to put yourself first

WILDWOMAN isn't just a book - it's a self-care package delivered to your door

WILDWOMAN connects you to other women just like you through our community